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Kind People Club – DJ Koze, Elkka & Stuzzi


20:00 - 04:00


Fållan 10, Stockholm

Kind People Club presents: DJ KOZE

Kind People Club was the beginning of the new. Now we are the way to follow.
On December 10th we will yet again gather all of you lovely people and dance together. Fållan will once again sparkle from corner to corner with sweaty bodies and pumping music!

– DJ Koze [DE] (Pampa Records)
– Elkka [UK] (DJ)
– Stuzzi (Live)
– Beniwasta
– Antonsson
– Samuel’s Gay Bar
– DJ Demba
– DJ Fatty
– Dragbingo with Ivana De Vorce
– Luciano Leiva
– Nasty Nate

DJ Koze exists a little outside of time. Not only because his records can take you to places where everything seems to stand still, but because he manages to operate on a timeline completely separate from the usual cycles of hype, influence, club hits and career development that govern so many artists today. His productions and releases such as the super hit “Pick Up” from the album Knock Knock, the disco remix “Operator”, the remix of José González song “Tjomme”, the “It’ll All Be Over” remix and most recently the song “Drone Me Up, Flashy” which was remixed by &ME from red hot Keinemusik, have become some of dance music’s most beloved and iconic. His musical intuition has resulted in him year after year just getting better and better without the obvious influence of trends and hype. It is now a number of years since DJ Koze was in Stockholm last. Who doesn’t remember his sold-out gig at Berns? Now we can finally welcome him back! 10 December DJ Koze returns and you will see him with us at Kind People Club.

Kind People Club
Fållan, Slakthusområdet
20 years / ID