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16:00 - 13:00

Kvarteret + Slaktkyrkan

Styckmästargatan 10, Stockholm

Kind People Club is back! LE TROISIÈME AMOUR

Kind People Club was the beginning of the new. Now we are the way to follow. We where planning our autumn edition but we could not wait that long. Therefor, we are back with our third edition on September 3rd. We have a very special edition ready for all of you with two different stages at Slaktkyrkan and Kvarteret where we will shine together, sparkle together and dance together yet again.

Here is the our program for September 3rd:
Welcome to Ballroom and to The Slaughter Vogue Nights at Slaktkyrkan on the 3rd of September presented by Silva Prodigy!
Every category is open to all (OTA) and has no specific themes, so just come as you are but make sure to bring it!
MC: Marie-Léa Garçon
Dj: Oishī
Yanou Ninja
Luluh Prodigy

Categories in order:
OTA Realness 🏆
OTA Runway🏆
OTA Hands Performance🏆
OTA Commentator vs Commentator🏆
OTA Sex Siren🏆
OTA Tag Team Performance🏆🏆

Doors: 20
Dj Demba 20-21.30
LSS: 21.30
Ball ends 23.30

The night continues with an afterparty and I can proudly present to you this hot line up! All the way from the United States, ballroom’s own Byrell The Great along side The Netherland’s finest star, the one and only, Oishī!

23.30-01.30 Byrell The Great
01.30-03 Oishī
Ballroom was created by black and latin trans women back in Harlem, New York at the late 1960s, due to racism they faced within the white pageant scene. Ballroom is an underground subculture by and for the BIPOC LGBTQ+ community and it is a competition where participants walk different categories in beauty, sex, fashion and performance.
If you are not from the community, please be mindful of the space you take. If you would like to walk/participate, learn and study the categories beforehand. If you have any questions, please ask the organizer and they will help you!

Our dance floor out at Kvarteret will focusing on some of the dopest acts right now. We will start of with a daytime party between 16:00-21:00 with Swedens most sex open air concept: THOTLAND consisting of Håll Käften Och Dansa, Norah, who for this special occasion have invited Niyat tp join as well. It’s gonna be high energy vibes all through!
The party continues… Alan Dixon who just released the Summer banger “Forms of Love” together with Adam Port from Keinemusik will come back to Stockholm for the first time in a long while. Reznik from power house label Keinemusik will also he return to Stockholm to deliver something really special and… if that wasn’t good enough, our own Johanna Beckman will open up the dance floor for the evening.

Thotland Dayparty (16:00-21:00)
– Håll Käften Och Dansa
– Norah
– Niyat
01:00-03:00 Alan Dixon (Running Back/Love Attack)
23:00-01:00 Reznik (Keinemusik)
21:00-23:00 Johanna Beckman (Kind People Club)

As you can see, we truly have a special program planned out for you. Go buy a ticket, come early and dance with us for eleven hours straight.

20 years / ID
This event has disabled access