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Kind People Club


16:00 - 04:00


Fållan 10, 121 61 Stockholm

Kind People Club is the beginning of the new. It’s not just a club: It’s a movement for embracing the sexy, the queer, the sweaty, the dance, the fun! We shine, we sparkle and we glitter! We come together under black skies, new heights, blinded by the lights. We believe that kind is the new cool! What comes next will be marvelous!

  • Premiere night at Fållan
  • 12 hour NON STOP party
  • 3 dance floors

The Blessed Madonna
Do you believe in magic?
How does one transform, barely overnight, from hometown hero into one of the most sought after and most respected DJs on the planet? Well The Blessed Madonna aka Marea Stamper knows how! She was big before 2020 but together with Fred Again she made the biggest dance floor anthem we got during the pandemic in: ”Marea, we lost dancing..” She also made a remix for Dua Lipa featuring Madonna and Missy Elliot. We have been waiting for the covid madness to be over so we can dance with Blessed Madonna again!

Honey Dijon
The word is Artist! As a producer, DJ and with her own fashion line, Honey Dijon is always about attitude, energy, heart, community and engagement. In her own words about her music: ”As an artist, especially as a trans woman of colour working in music, I want the music to be in your face, unapologetic, raw and honest”. She is one of the biggest female names in house music right now and therefore the perfect booking for the premiere of Kind People club.

Your queen of the night! If you are into Stockholm clubbing and don’t know who Fuxdelux aka Robert Fux is you have slept under a rock. From the early rave nights and dungeons of Kolingsborg and Blacklight, to the burlesque Hootchie Kootchie Club and as the official Stockholm Pride Parade Crier! If that is not enough he is also one of our most loved theatre actors. Be sure to be welcomed and guided in glitter, champagne and raw energy all the way to the end!

Bella Boo
Swedens right now most talked about female producer and DJ on the international scene, with critically acclaimed releases on both Studio Barnhus and Running back in her bag of fun. Now she is back on the decks in her hometown, after her latest big London play.

Hörz Audio
The eminent record label Hörz Audio consists of Queen E, Rut Meyersson and Rebecca Rix. All three equally hot names on the Swedish underground scene making a lot of noise right now with live shows and dynamic releases.

Tommie X & BBerj
Tommie X is the club legend that for decades have waved the italo-and eurodance music flag with great pride all over Stockholm nightlife. Together with the rising star on the gen Z clubscene, Bberj, they create a euphoric mix of everything from 90-ies eurotrash to what right now is roaring from the speakers of the new generation of club kids.

Warm spring outdoor fun 16-20h
It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll. Be true to yourself and fight for the changes you believe in. Educate yourself so you understand the hierarchy musical business model and turn it upside down. Don’t be a poser, just fucking go your own way. Money will come again. Your respect is more valuable.

Mumsfilibaba is a DJ crew and promoter in the Eurasian region. As a DJ crew, they play b2b sets with a focus on a festive spirit with music in the styles o Neo-Italo, House, Electro, Breakbeat and Cosmic Disco.

Welcome to the new future
We bring you Kind People Club!