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NUET – Studio Barnhus Dance Party


22:00 - 05:00

Berns Ballroom + NEU

Berzelii Park

NUET presents:


Precisely one year after the sold-out success that was 2023’s Studio Barnhus Dance Party at Berns, the Stockholm-based collective return to the crime scene, once again taking over the legendary Stockholm venue across two rooms, with the Studio Barnhus DJ trio (Axel Boman, Kornél Kovács and Pedrodollar) as well as some of the label’s most prominent signees all rising to the occasion.

Since last time, Studio Barnhus has released records by two of the hottest new US purveyors of forward-thinking yet classically rooted dance music: LADYMONIX from Detroit and Nikki Nair from Atlanta. LADYMONIX’ “Welcome 2 My House” EP garnered rave reviews and endless dancefloor epiphanies, while Nikki’s “Can’t Wait” single was the cherry on top of a breakthrough year which saw him collaborating with Hudson Mohawke and touring the world relentlessly.

With both LADYMONIX and Nikki Nair being world-class DJs as well as producers, their Swedish debuts are not to be missed.

Neither is Issatrinity, stalwart of Stockholm’s young and wild club scene, future Studio Barnhus artist and recent Boiler Room hostess with the mostest. Her unparalleled energy combined with partystarting yet uncompromising selections will surely have the crowd going wild.

As will DJ Carli, another local hero, a foundational figure of Sweden’s modern music scene, member of Off The Meds and producer of everything from ice-cold grime to straight up Eurovision goodness. Expect the future and past of dance music combined in a high-octane, fast-paced DJ set when Carli hits the decks.

Tying it all together, celebrating a 12 month run which has seen them rounding up successes individually as well as a group, are Axel Boman, Kornél Kovács and Pedrodollar – DJ trio, best friends, proud daddies of Studio Barnhus. It’s been a good minute since they played together in Stockholm and it’s a scientific fact that they always bring their A game to a Studio Barnhus Dance Party. Get ready for something truly special as they close out this monumental party under Berns’ grand chandelier.

NUET – Studio Barnhus Dance Party
Berns, Stockholm
February 24, 22-05

Axel Boman
DJ Carli
Kornél Kovács
Nikki Nair

20 years/ID

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